AuthorScript® Video RT

AuthorScript Video RT, a component of the AuthorScript Video SDK, is a comprehensive real-time video recording solution that enables direct burning of high definition content to recordable/rewritable Blu-ray Disc media in the BDAV format and standard definition content to both DVD+VR and DVD-VR.

AuthorScript Video RT includes all functionality required for successful preparation of specification-compliant volumes for BDAV, DVD+VR, and DVD-VR:

Record from streams:
define a recording session based on a buffer containing audio and video data in format-compliant streams;
write data from buffer to disc (supports multiple buffer writes);
retrieve indices for recorded Real PlayList PlayItems (BDAV), Recordings (DVD+VR), or Programs (DVD-VR).
Record from files (BDAV only):
define a recording session based on desired video and audio attributes for the recorded Clip;
write data from file to disc with real-time transcoding;
retrieve IDs for recorded Real PlayLists and indices for their PlayItems.
Manage recorded clips:
edit recorded material: delete, delete range, split, merge (edit options vary depending on output format);
create and manage Virtual PlayLists (BDAV) and Playlists (DVD-VR);
add/delete Marks in Real and Virtual PlayLists (BDAV);
associate thumbnails (BDAV) and representative pictures (DVD-VR);
get clip information (e.g. count, type, duration, etc.);
set settings (e.g. name, entry points, erasure protection, etc.).
Manage volumes:
create new volumes or open existing volumes for additional recording;
retrieve volume-level information;
set volume-level settings;
modify the VRMI/VMG data of a volume or its Recordings (DVD+VR) or Programs (DVD-VR).
Integrate with DirectShow:
create a DirectShow filter and complementary IBaseFilter interface;
write data with a DirectShow FilterGraph;
retrieve indices for recorded Real PlayList PlayItems (BDAV), Recordings (DVD+VR), or Programs (DVD-VR).